the bad music annals

  1. Real music has almost vanished from school music programs. In place of Bach, Sousa, Mozart, jazz, American folk songs, and any other authentic music, school bands now play fourth-rate junk churned out specially for the education market by hack composers — and relentlessly promoted by an unscrupulous for-profit “educational music” publishing industry.

  2. Several articles and presentations on how this ridiculous state of affairs came to be, and what can be done about it:

  3. •  My original Washington Post article of January 2005 which caused more trouble than I ever imagined possible

  4. A research article in the Journal of the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE), vol. 12, 2005. Tim Foley — 26th director of the United States Marine Band — and I collaborated to document the extent of the problem and how it has destroyed the musical education of a whole generation of children

  5. My talk at the WASBE Conference, July 2009, in Cincinnati, Ohio

  6. My talk at the College Band Directors National Association Eastern Division Conference, March 2010, in West Chester, Pennsylvania

  7. [I am also making available a PDF of the “follow-on” article I posted on my website in 2005, which I am continuing to include here only because it has been cited in a number of published articles; the 2005 WASBE article actually supersedes this]