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“I know just the man who could revivify and unite our country's floundering, sundered intelligence services. Unfortunately, Sir Francis Walsingham has been dead for 415 years. Besides, he would have never made it through the Senate confirmation process . . . fascinating and superbly written.” — Wall Street Journal

The Evander Lawless College of North Ohio has two problems. One is the arrival of a new vice president determined to make the college “more businesslike." The other problem is that members of the faculty keep turning up dead.

     Murder, by the Book is Stephen Budiansky’s first mystery novel.

An intimate history of courage in the face of the horrific campaign of terror and violence waged by ex-Confederates determined to reverse the outcome of the Civil War. “If Profiles in Courage had not already been taken, it would have made the perfect title for this linked set of portraits honoring five men who risked everything for the principles that had cost so many lives.” — New York Times

“Budiansky has plumbed a plethora of the right sources to assemble an eminently accessible and accurate survey of the evolution of military aviation during the 20th century, with an emphasis on U.S. and British experience.” — Publishers Weekly

“The story of cryptography in the Second World War is one of the great scientific tales of the twentieth century. Budiansky has succeeded in telling it with enthusiasm and insight, delivering a book with style and substance.”

     — Simon Singh, Nature

“Budiansky's love for and appreciation of horses shows throughout this book . . . excellent coverage of the recent scientific discoveries and ideas that concern horses, written for both the layperson and the scientist”

   — American Scientist


“A subtle look at the mysteries of evolution and a stinging response to animal-rights extremists. . . .”

    — Kirkus Reviews

“Budiansky’s slim, elegant discourse is a persuasive counterweight to the pastoral delusions of sentimentalists intent on seeing humans as malevolently at odds with the noble animal kingdom.”

   — Wall Street Journal

“The author’s colorful narrative is full of gory sea battles, chivalrous flourishes, mutinous tars, and charismatic performances by Stephen Decatur, David Porter, and other American naval legends . . . Budiansky’s well-researched and skillfully written account extracts a gripping true-life naval saga from an otherwise inglorious conflict.” —Publishers Weekly


“First rate . . . Mr. Budiansky lures the reader into the mystery of Ives’s life, and the eccentric power of his music, in prose free from jargon and pretense.” — Wall Street Journal

For more information on Mad Music and the life and music of Charles Ives, see my special Charles Ives website

“excellent, well-researched account of the unlikely group of some 100 British and American scientists whose ideas halted the Nazi submarine menace” — starred review, Kirkus

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